A Surrogate Birth Story

The moment every surrogate dreams about is the moment the intended parents get to see their child for the first time. That’s why we do this, for that moment, and all the lies behind it. The first time a woman thinks about becoming a surrogate is usually triggered by a story of someone else’s struggle. She thinks about her own role as a mother and how much it means to her and longs for that for other women who haven’t been as fortunate in their journey to parenthood. 

This video was just a piece of that moment in our journey. This day was preceded by two “walks of shame” to the hospital that week but when I got up that morning, I knew this was the day. I had been up all night timing my contractions. I got out of bed and got ready to go before waking up the intended parents via a text. They had been staying with us for weeks not wanting to miss the birth if they arrived too late. Having twins, you never know when they might decide to make their appearance. The intended father walked downstairs and had the same excited look on his face my own husband had when I had told him “it was time” with our own children. It was one of many moments that made it all worth it for me. 

Baby A was breech so we knew the twins would arrive via a c-section. Lying on the surgical table while my husband stood above my head acting as our videographer, I got to be a spectator, watching it all unfold, taking it all in. It still gives me goosebumps today thinking about it several years later. Seeing the look in a parent’s eyes the first time they see their children knowing you got to play a part in this miracle, there is nothing like it. No matter what is going on in my life or how bad things ever get, I always have this moment to look back on knowing I added something good to the world. When you think about it like that, it almost seems selfish. You don’t feel like you’re giving a gift, but receiving one yourself.