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Who We Are

Cat Dobbs, Founder of Delivering Hope and Former Surrogate

My husband Silas and I have two beautiful children, and when I watched my sister struggle with infertility, I felt that it wasn’t fair. How could this thing that had come so easily to me be denied to others? Volunteering a year of my life to be a gestational surrogate was a call from my faith, and one of those moments where you just know you have to act. I felt so fortunate that the relationship between my family and my intended parents was such a powerful one.

Why I Love What I Do

After my own journey, I fell in love with the surrogacy process and what it meant to give this gift. I don’t see what I do as a “job” but rather living out my passion and purpose in helping other people with one of the most important parts of their lives, their families.

I love working with surrogates because they are amazing, selfless people who simply want to make a difference.

I love working with intended parents because I get to be a part of a beautiful story as it unfolds. Intended parents call us feeling broken, tired and hopeless. As we walk through the journey, hope starts to rise as they begin looking forward to their future. When the baby finally arives, it is the most beautiful moment you can imagine.

To me, this is not work, it is seeing and experiencing the best of humanity – people helping people, and lives being changed. I love what I do and feel deeply honored to be a part of it.

You can watch my journey below - a video my intended mother made after our journey together.!

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