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How To Handle A Failed Transfer – As The Surrogate

The transfer failed. WHAT!? How can this be? She has always gotten pregnant so easily and never experienced any complications or loss. The thought of a failure hadn’t even crossed her mind.

No one ever wants to talk about these possibilities because we don’t want to add any bad juju, negative thinking or stress. Only “sticky thoughts” and “positive vibes”

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A Surrogate Birth Story

The moment every surrogate dreams about is when the intended parents get to see their child for the first time. That’s why we do this, for that moment, and all the lies behind it. The first time a woman thinks about becoming a surrogate is usually triggered by a story of someone else’s struggle. She thinks about her own role as a mother and how much it means to her then longs for that for others who haven’t been as fortunate in their journey..

This video was that moment.

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Holly’s Surrogate Journey

I want nothing more than for them to be parents, I really want to do the honor of helping them become parents for the first time, but ultimately I just want them to have their baby, whether it’s with me or not.

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What’s With All The Pineapples?

In researching surrogacy, have you started to see pineapples everywhere? Wondering what it’s all about? Although not medically proven, the fruit has been widely adopted as a powerful symbol with those dealing with Infertility. It is said that if you eat pineapple core after an IVF embryo transfer, it can help with implantation.

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Cherished Moments Born Out Of Infertility

I (Cat, Co-Founder + Former Surrogate) wanted to share a story about something that truly touched my heart recently. First, for background, in 2012 I watched my sister struggle to conceive with her husband. Each month she would call and share the news that she wasn’t pregnant. I told her if she couldn’t become pregnant, I would carry her children for her, without a doubt.

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Breastfeeding Without Birthing – My Experience

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I wanted to share my breastfeeding journey (don’t worry – this picture won’t be offensive anymore once I explain). After a grueling path of infertility, including 4 rounds of IVF in under a year, 4 miscarriages and then learning we’d need a gestational surrogate to carry my embryos if I wanted a genetic child, I was spent. Tired out and so mad at my body for all the ways I thought it had failed me (which it hadn’t but I digress).

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Letting Your Light Shine

Oh sweet summer time…I wish I could blame the inconsistent postings on such a wonderful thing but it just wouldn’t be true. Lately life has just been chaotic. Who knew life with twin 3 year old’s would be such a circus show?! And then throw in closing on a new home, scheduling lots of renovations from afar. Why not? All that aside, last week I was reminded almost daily by my beautiful, spirited and gregarious children (as well as messages from a few other places – you know who you are and I love ya!) that in-spite of life’s trials and tribulations there is always room to let your light shine. Always.

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Thankful Thursday – Taking A Time Out

Perhaps you noticed, maybe not, that there was no “Thankful Thursdays” the last couple of weeks. I (Mary) had every intention of doing one every Thursday but whoa – it was a rough two weeks.

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Sharing That You’ve Decided to Become a Gestational Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate is one of the most selfless and generous acts a person can do in their lifetime. Having a solid support system is key to a successful surrogacy journey and is important to get established early in the process. So, when and how is the best way to let others know you’ve made this decision?

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Building Relationships – Intended Parents & Gestational Surrogates

The key word from day 1 for both intended parents and the gestational surrogate is vulnerability. Yep, I know – that’s a scary word but hear me out. I often greet and welcome intended mothers into the most exclusive club of all time – a club we NEVER asked to be in. The “I need a gestational surrogate to carry my baby(ies) club.” Most often, we’ll chuckle about this but it really is the truth. In most cases the Intended Mothers have suffered tremendously trying to have a child.

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