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Thankful Thursday – Taking A Time Out

Perhaps you noticed, maybe not, that there was no “Thankful Thursdays” the last couple of weeks. I (Mary) had every intention of doing one every Thursday but whoa – it was a rough two weeks.

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Sharing That You’ve Decided to Become a Gestational Surrogate

Becoming a surrogate is one of the most selfless and generous acts a person can do in their lifetime. Having a solid support system is key to a successful surrogacy journey and is important to get established early in the process. So, when and how is the best way to let others know you’ve made this decision?

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Building Relationships – Intended Parents & Gestational Surrogates

The key word from day 1 for both intended parents and the gestational surrogate is vulnerability. Yep, I know – that’s a scary word but hear me out. I often greet and welcome intended mothers into the most exclusive club of all time – a club we NEVER asked to be in. The “I need a gestational surrogate to carry my baby(ies) club.” Most often, we’ll chuckle about this but it really is the truth. In most cases the Intended Mothers have suffered tremendously trying to have a child.

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