Cherished Moments Born Out Of Infertility

I (Cat, Co-Founder + Former Surrogate) wanted to share a story about something that truly touched my heart recently.  First, for background, in 2012 I watched my sister struggle to conceive with her husband.  Each month she would call and share the news that she wasn’t pregnant. I told her if she couldn’t become pregnant, I would carry her children for her, without a doubt.  After many rounds of fertility treatments, she finally became pregnant.  It was also during this time that my eyes were opened to the fact that she wasn’t the only one struggling with infertility.  So many women cannot get or remain pregnant. My heart was broken at the thought of this injustice.  I wanted to help, so I soon signed up to become a gestational surrogate through a local agency.

My journey was one dreams are made of.  My Intended Mother (Mary) became like another sister to me and I got to watch her dream of becoming a mother fulfilled. Mary and I loved everything about our own surrogacy journey and decided to open Delivering Hope together a few years ago.  Fast forward to more recently, it just so happens that my sister and Mary both have husbands in the military and found themselves living in the same city as one another, just a quick 10 min drive away.  Because of a mutual connection (me), they decided to meet and have a play date.  This is a photo of their children playing together during that amazing day.  My nieces, who at one time we weren’t sure were possible and whose story inspired me to explore becoming a surrogate, playing alongside the children I carried for Mary + Wes. With so many painful seasons caused by infertility, it is so important to also celebrate the beautiful moments born from our darkest times. I will cherish this photo always.

~Cat Dobbs, Founder + Former Surrogate