Letting Your Light Shine

Oh sweet summer time…I wish I could blame the inconsistent postings on such a wonderful thing but it just wouldn’t be true. Lately life has just been chaotic. Who knew life with twin 3 year old’s would be such a circus show?! And then throw in closing on a new home, scheduling lots of renovations from afar. Why not? All that aside, last week I was reminded almost daily by my beautiful, spirited and gregarious children (as well as messages from a few other places – you know who you are and I love ya!) that in-spite of life’s trials and tribulations there is always room to let your light shine. Always.

Often in life, I’ve dimmed my light. Sometimes because of insecurity, or fear of not fitting in if I allowed myself to shine too bright or even just out of plain terror of leaving my comfort zone. Watching Vivian and Reed and allowing myself to be completely present in their curious, excited, loving presence constantly brings me back to my own light – and what a powerful place it is for me. Children often do this for many, if they allow themselves to truly see and feel it in the moment.

So today, and every day, I challenge you to let your light shine. It’s amazing how it truly sets you free if you just allow it.

~Mary Kennerly, Founder + Former Intended Mother