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Catt Dobbs
Founder of Delivering Hope and Former Surrogate

Who Delivering Hope Is

My husband Silas and I have two beautiful children, and when I watched my sister struggle with infertility, I felt that it wasn’t fair. How could this thing that had come so easily to me be denied to others? Volunteering a year of my life to be a gestational surrogate was a call from my faith, and one of those moments where you just know you have to act. I felt so fortunate that the relationship between my family and my intended parents was such a powerful one.

After my own journey, I fell in love with the surrogacy process and what it meant to give this gift. I don’t see what I do as a “job” but rather living out my passion and purpose in helping other people with one of the most important parts of their lives, their families.

I love working with surrogates because they are amazing, selfless people who simply want to make a difference.

I love working with intended parents because I get to be a part of a beautiful story as it unfolds. Intended parents call us feeling broken, tired and hopeless. As we walk through the journey, hope starts to rise as they begin looking forward to their future. When the baby finally arives, it is the most beautiful moment you can imagine.

To me, this is not work, it is seeing and experiencing the best of humanity – people helping people, and lives being changed. I love what I do and feel deeply honored to be a part of it.

- Meet Delivering Hope's Team -

Surrogate Director

My name is Holly and I live in Eastern Washington with my husband and our 4 girls.

I am also a nurse by trade with over 14 years of experience. After I had a surrogate baby in 2020, I fell in love with surrogacy and hoped to do it more than once. Unfortunately it wasn’t in the cards for me.

Luckily, after my journey, the offer to join Delivering Hope’s team came at the right time and was the perfect fit! From the first day, I realized I could have passion in my work again and have loved every day since!

As the surrogate director, I am here to support our team and guide surrogates through this journey while sharing in every exciting moment that comes with it. My favorite part of my role is the relationships I have with surrogates who are going through this process. I can feel my team rolling their eyes at me when I meet a new surrogate and say, “she is my favorite!!”, because they know I say that about every surrogate I meet. I am so lucky to have found a career surrounded by amazing people every day.

Surrogate Case Manager

My name is Bree and I am thrilled to be working as a case manager with Delivering Hope. I am not only a case manager but also a wife, mother, and fellow surrogate. I understand the importance of family and the joy that comes with it. Living in beautiful Washington State, I have been a part of the Delivering Hope team since November of 2022.

As a surrogate, I have had the privilege of completing one journey with an agency and another independently. In 2023 I was excited to start my 3rd journey with Delivering Hope. It’s truly a rewarding experience to be able to help others create their own families. Outside of surrogacy, my life is filled with the love and laughter of my two kiddos. We are embarking on a new adventure by starting up a hobby farm, where we are learning and growing together. Additionally, I work part-time as a Birth Assistant for a midwife, which brings me so much joy.

In my free time, I enjoy indulging in my passions for baking, sewing, and playing board games with my family. These activities allow me to unwind and create beautiful memories with my loved ones. I am here to support you every step of the way and ensure that your experience with Delivering Hope is nothing short of exceptional.

Surrogate Case Manager
Hi! I’m Ashlee, my husband and I have 2 beautiful children, and we live in Tyler, Texas. We are often found planning our next trip to Disney, eating chips and queso, or watching the Houston Astros win. We love to spend intentional time together traveling and being outdoors. While my adoration for all things surrogacy is relatively new, it has taken over my whole world! I began my first journey in Aug of 2022 and never looked back. While wrapping up this journey, I dove into case management and have enjoyed every minute of having a hand in the magic created through giving families the baby they deserve and have longed for.
Surrogate Engagement & Intake Coordinator

Hi! My name is Kiki and I’m from the Boise, ID area. My husband, Austin, and I have 3 children of our own (2 boys – 11 and 9, and 1 girl – 5) and I had 2 beautiful surro babies. We are an active, outdoorsy family and love to travel! After my first journey I knew I had found my passion. I get giddy and excited when I talk about pregnancy and surrogacy. My world revolves around surrogacy and helping others. Although my uterus has been “retired”, I love helping our surrogates along their journeys. My life motto is “One step at a time”. No matter how hard a task or goal is, the journey there is easier when it’s broken down into smaller steps. There are many steps in the surrogate process, and we will be with you through every one of them.

You can watch my journey below - a video my intended mother made after our surrogate journey together!

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