Thankful Thursday – Taking A Time Out

Perhaps you noticed, maybe not, that there were no “Thankful Thursdays” the last couple of weeks. I (Mary) had every intention of doing one every Thursday but whoa – it was a rough two weeks.

I’m so grateful that my business partner and dear friend (and former gestational surrogate), Cat, was able to help center me. All she had to simply say was, “Mare, it’s time for a time out”. I was on the brink of jumping over the edge, feeling like a failure as a mother because I’m the worst potty-trainer of twins that has EVER existed, full of guilt over working and not being around 24/7 for the twins while at the same time full of guilt for not working enough. All of that plus buying a home several states away, too much ignoring my husband who’s actually around for the first summer in years (thanks Navy) and a million other (likely insignificant but still felt overwhelming) little things. If I wasn’t secretly crying in the bathroom, I was hysterically laughing at things that really weren’t that funny. Wow – holy loony toon – I can own it.

So a much needed “time-out” was taken, precisely before I buckled from the pressure I’d been carrying for too long and it’s exactly what I needed. Days at the beach with my family, not looking at my phone, meditating, working-out and finally allowing the “comparison monster” to vacate my head for a few days, empowered me to re-center and feel like myself again. For years I would never allow myself to have these “time-outs”. I would keep pushing and pushing until I was beyond repair both emotionally and physically and for what?!? Who knows. We all deserve to admit we’re human and need a break from time to time. Surround yourself with people that are willing to call you out when it is needed. That’s true friendship, compassion and love.

~ Mary Kennerly, Founder + Former Intended Mother

Picture: One of my favorite “Happy Places” – South Lake Tahoe